Extended Support Package for Brilliant Mastermind Builder for Chambers of Commerce

Extended Support Package for the Brilliant Mastermind Builder for Chambers of Commerce

This is the UPGRADE ONLY for those who already invested in the Brilliant Mastermind Builder but now wish to add on the extended support package.

This includes: 

  • My email invite copy & paste swipe file
  • Social media announcements copy & paste swipe file
  • Sales page page copy & paste swipe file
  • Mastermind group name generator tool 
  • PLUS two 45 minute private (1 to 1) follow up sessions to make additional decisions, troubleshoot, record a custom promo video, customize your emails / social media posts, fine tune the SEO on your group info page or even have me MC your Mastermind Webinar for your sales campaign.

There might also be some unannounced bonuses!

The Extended Support Package is $200 

8 Modules

Email Invite Swipe File (copy & paste)

Copy and Paste These Email Invites

I've created several versions. Find one that fits your organization or take ideas from what is written here.

Social Media Announcements Swipe File (copy & paste)

Social media post ideas to copy and paste. Swap and switch around these variations to build a series of posts.

Sales Page Swipe File (copy & paste)

Use This Landing Page Template, Sample Landing Page Plus Alternative Headline Ideas to Convert Interested People Into Eager Members

BONUS: Sample Group Membership Agreement

Sample Mastermind Group Agreement

BONUS: Example Application Questions

Pick and Choose From These Application Questions to Help You Find The Exactly Right Members for Your Group

BONUS: Post-meeting Survey Questions

Questions to Ask in Your Post-Meeting Surveys

Modules for this product 8
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