Brilliant Mastermind Builder for Chambers of Commerce

Brilliant Mastermind Builder
for Chambers of Commerce

Design a Scalable Plan in Just 2 1/2 Hours to:

Drive Non-Dues Revenue, Retain High-Value Members and Enhance Top Tiers
Help Members Be More Connected and Create Profitable Personal and Business Growth Opportunities


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"The Brilliant Mastermind Builder Intensive was an efficient and time-saving way to help us create a successful mastermind group for our chamber. She covered all of the elements needed to get started without all the trial and error. I can't wait to get this rolled out to my Chamber partners. Thank you Beth!"
Yvette Keast
Executive Director
Gladwin County Chamber


Joining a mastermind group is one of the most powerful ways to leverage networking to create rapid and profound personal, professional and business growth. But even high-performing executives and business owners don't know where to find them ... or sometimes even that they exist.

Many of these top-level business people are lonely in their position and looking for a deeper way to connect.

What if YOUR CHAMBER had the ready-made solution for them as part of your membership offering?

  • Would new companies join?
  • Would they stay a member?
  • Would they invest more in the chamber either to join the group or to level up their tier?
  • And what if this was something that required very little staff time to create, set up and run?

There's a HUGE potential ROI in offering an executive mastermind group to your community and chamber members.

I have personally used mastermind groups to create results in my life including writing and publishing a book that reached #1 in two categories on Amazon, creating products and services including this Brilliant Mastermind Builder, and even making the podium at a national athletic championship.

I believe that EVERYONE should have a mastermind group. 

BUT.... there are a LOT of decisions to make such as:

  • the most profitable type
  • who to serve or invite
  • how to structure the meetings
  • who runs it
  • making sure everyone gets value
  • developing a system to keep meetings on track
  • differentiating it from group coaching
  • how much to charge
  • and what to do if the group or an individual goes off the rails. 

You could just invite a few people, put them in a room together and see what happens. I've done trial and error (plus research!) to learn all of this myself.

BUT.... who's got time for multiple trials?

And error can destroy your credibility with the audience you need most.

You need a FRAMEWORK and a SYSTEM to help you build your structure quickly and RIGHT the first time.

That's exactly what the Brilliant Mastermind Builder Intensive does for you.

I’ll walk you step by step through the framework and the exact series of decisions to make and actions to take to create your own mastermind group for your chamber of commerce.

The Brilliant Mastermind Builder Intensive is 2 ½ hours of rapid-fire decision-making and action items (you’ll receive a fill-in-the-blank Plan Book to help you capture every decision). SPECIFICALLY FOR CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE.

You'll also get a one on one 15 minute follow-up with me to help you with any lingering questions.


"You have a way of breaking things down and explaining them that makes it very clear how to take action."
Kevin Ferrasci-O'Malley
Wilsonville Area Chamber of Commerce


You’ll walk away with a complete action plan, ready to roll out your profitable mastermind group.

Implement it yourself or hand it over to a staff person.

What Kind of $$$ Could a Fully Sold Out Executive Level Mastermind Group Bring to Your Chamber?

The smallest, cheapest low-level, on-line, non-facilitated (i.e. they are on their own) mastermind groups I've seen charge ~$500 a year. The high-level, in-person, top-tier facilitated mastermind groups are $1,000 per month.


At the lowest level, a mastermind of 10 could bring in $5,000 a year. If you wanted to offer an alternative to the top-level groups, a $500 a month, 10 person group would mean $60,000 in non-dues revenue! 

I'll show you how for for just $197 and 2 1/2 hours. Click the gold button below to get started.


Take the intensive and add the Extended Support Package for $200 more (total of $397) and you'll ALSO receive:

  • My email invite copy & paste swipe file
  • Social media announcements copy & paste swipe file
  • Sales page page copy & paste swipe file
  • Mastermind group name generator tool 
  • PLUS two 45 minute private (1 to 1) follow up sessions to make additional decisions, troubleshoot, record a custom promo video, customize your emails / social media posts or fine tune the SEO on your group info page.

When you click the button below, you'll have TWO options: choose $197 for the intensive ONLY or $397 to add the Extended Support Package ........  \/

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