Virtual Networking Event Blueprints

4 Unique, Fun & ENGAGING Virtual Networking Events with COMPLETE Blueprints

Do you run a chamber, club or group? Want to bring your fans, audience or friends together to build your authority with them?

Grab these virtual networking event blueprints, completely done for you!  Retain members, grow your audience and get the buzz about your activities that will have them coming back for more.


These Creative, Fresh, New Events are Designed JUST for the Virtual Networking World

If your members are Zoomed out and looking for new ways to engage and do business but have a little bit of FUN (that doesn't include Zoom catch-phrase drinking games!), these events are just for you.

Ideas PLUS Complete Instructions, Handouts, Checklists and Copy/Paste Swipe Files for Marketing and Invites

Frankly, the hard part isn't always coming up with the ideas.

It's taking the time to write the landing or sales page copy.

  • To craft the email invite messages.
  • To figure out the most succinct and clear way to explain the game.
  • To create the game boards or handouts that you need.
  • To know how to introduce the event clearly and enthusiastically!

I've done it all for you!


I used my unique background of running a chamber of commerce membership department with 25 years of digital marketing experience plus a little dash of "gamer" (ask me about my titles!) to come up with not only the IDEAS, but also:

  • Complete event set up instructions
  • How to do the marketing
  • Running the event itself
  • AND the materials/handouts you need.
  • Just copy / paste / print and go!

How much time would you spend working on this yourself?

Save yourself tons of time and have new virtual networking events in hand and READY to go!

Four Complete Event Blueprints

  • Secret Someone
    • Several lucky participants will find a special person who will bestow a gift or prize on them!
    • Encourages participants to be open to meeting a variety of people.
  • Resource / Gift Exchange
    • Participants engage in 1 to 1 conversations and give each other digital gifts full of tips, wisdom and strategy.
    • Gives participants a chance to showcase their expertise without selling. Generates reciprocity - a key to building relationships.
  • The In Common Game
    • Participants converse using conversation starters to discover what they have in common.
    • Connections are strongest when people find out what they have in common. Guided pre-session helps participants choose what they are interested in sharing and make it fast, fun and easy to start conversations.
  • Regular and Holiday Bingo
    • Participants search for items or ask questions of each other to cross off boxes in their Bingo boards.
    • Bingo card items include "quick wins" and items which are designed to be conversation starters and help participants find something in common.
  • PLUS:
    • Step by step video guide to setting up your events in the hottest new HUMAN 2 HUMAN conversation platform: Blitzr!

Better Networkers Make Your Networking Events Better!

These virtual networking events are designed to:

  • Get you and your members, friends, and audiences OUT of Z**m H*ll.
  • Create fun events that they'll be talking about for months.
  • Help participants make better connections, promote their businesses and grow their networks WITHOUT hardcore selling or tedious small talk sessions.
  • Make it FAST and EASY for you to create, promote and run your next virtual networking event.

Grab this NOW and put on fun, unique & engaging networking events without breaking a sweat!

6 Modules

Welcome! Start Here

How to use the items and information in this system. How to use the platform on which these events were designed to be run.

How to Set Up and Run Your Event on Blitzr

How to Set Up and Run Events on Blitzr

Step by Step Video Walk-Thrus

  • How to create a group
  • How to set up your Blitzr event
  • How to moderate an event and bring on additional presenters
  • How to set up and use the powerful Call to Action button

Event Blueprint: Secret Someone

The Secret Someone

This multi-holiday or any time of year event leverages the has you assigning one or more people to be the secret "someone." This encourages people to be open to meeting and talking to anyone because you never know who's going to be special and have something for you!

Event Blueprint: Resource / Gift Exchange

The Resource / Gift Exchange

Designed for business to business online events. The exchange is digital and instant using resources or gifts that are quick and easy to read or use such as a cheat sheet or checklist which provides value to the recipient and builds the giver's credibility.

  • Resource / Gift Exchange
    • Includes instructions and planning checklist, event calendar/landing page marketing copy, email invite script and opening explainer script.
    • PLUS a FREE guide with 6 resource / gift ideas plus information you can use to create a pre-event training where you walk participants through a quick and EASY way to create a free giveaway in minutes. A resource / gift that will showcase their value, build relationships and generate leads, sales and referrals.

Event Blueprint: The In-Common Game

The In Common Game

Participants connect in 1 to 1 conversations where they use a guided "score sheet" to quickly find out what they have in common. Connections are strongest when people find out what they have in common. Even long-standing networkers often discover something new about people they know.

Event Blueprint: Virtual Bingo

Virtual Bingo

Part scavenger hunt, part "20 Questions." Each participant gets a Bingo card. As they meet people in 1 to 1 conversations, they will search for visible items and ask questions to cross off boxes in their Bingo boards. There are quick wins but also questions designed to be conversation starters and help participants find something in common.

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