The 9 Minute Network

What if you could add 5 to 15 new connections a week to your network … in as little as NINE minutes a day?

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What if you had the HOW - the step-by-step process - and the WHY - so you can go deeper to build genuine, authentic and profitable connections FAST?

What would more contacts and better connections do for your business, your career and your life?

You could quickly and easily find more:

  • customers
  • referral sources
  • collaborators
  • joint venture partners
  • mentors
  • idea client
  • new hires
  • new jobs
  • trusted advisors
  • accountability partners

And everything else that comes from building your network.



  • You could go to every generic networking Zoom meeting on the internet and spend hours listening to other people pitch their product.
  • You could send hundreds of “Let’s connect” messages on LinkedIn.
  • You could try to meet people in person (distantly)... IF there was somewhere to go in your area.


Instead, why not leverage the incredible opportunity that is available though virtual networking and connecting with people online?


Business people have opened up their perceptions and are vastly widening their outlook to accept connections from all over the country or the world. Or maybe you can finally make a connection with that elusive local CEO.


First, though, you need to know:

  • HOW to do it, in less time than you EVER spent at in-person networking
  • And WHY you do it, so that you can fully leverage your connections and opportunities. 

I created the 9 Minute Network process and the Virtual Networker’s Strategic Plan to teach you exactly that.


You’ll get:

  • The 9 Minute Network proprietary process plus step-by-step video walkthrough
  • The 9 Minute Network Success Tracker plus best practices video explanation
  • Special Report: 11 Places to Look for Your Ideal Connection
  • The Networking Values Finder Tool
  • And the Ideal Connection Avatar Builder

PLUS These HUGE Bonuses! 

  • The complete Virtual Networker’s Strategic Plan digital course (normally sold separately)
  • The Technology Tools for Virtual Networkers Database


Valued at $297


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7 Modules

Mega Bonus #1: Virtual Networker's Strategic Plan: Introduction


Watch the introduction video to get an overview of the strategic plan, find out how to use the Road Map and discover how to get a super-secret mini bonus!

Mega Bonus #1: Virtual Networker's Strategic Plan: Part 1: Align Your Purpose

Where It All Starts in Virtual Networking

Watch the Part 1 video to learn why and how to align your purpose and how the Networking Values Finder Tool will help you accomplish that.

Mega Bonus #1: Virtual Networker's Strategic Plan: Part 2: Find Yes People

Finding the Right People to Network With

You're more than halfway there! Watch the Part 2 video to learn how to find exactly the right kind of people to network with, how the Ideal Connection Avatar Builder helps and what the most important of the 11 Places to Look for Your Ideal Connections are.

Mega Bonus #1: Virtual Networker's Strategic Plan: Part 3: Connect for Profit

Last Step: Making the (Profitable) Connection

You're almost done! Watch the Part 3 video to learn how to make profitable connects, how to choose the right method, find the best medium and how to craft a message that gets you genuine, authentic connections.  

Bonus #2: Technology Tools Database

But Wait ... There's More!

Congratulations! You've done what only 3% of people ever do: complete a course. Be sure that you mark all of the lessons (including these) as "Complete" and you'll get an extra super-secret mini bonus for sticking with it!. 

Modules for this product 7
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